Do You Know These Characteristics of Teleconference ?

Move Information – Not People

Electronic delivery is more efficient than physically moving people to a site, whether it is a faculty member or administrator.

Save Time: Content presented by one or many sources is received in many places simultaneously and instantly. Travel is reduced resulting in more productive time. Communication is improved and meetings are more efficient. It adds a competitive edge that face-to-face meetings do not.

Lower Costs: Costs (travel, meals, lodging) are reduced by keeping employees in the office, speeding up product development cycles, improving performance through frequent meetings with timely information.

Accessible: Through any origination site in the world. Larger Audiences: More people can attend. The larger the audience, the lower the cost per person.

Larger Audiences: More people can attend. The larger the audience, the lower cost per person.

Adaptable: Useful for business, associations, hospitals, and institutions to discuss, inform, train, educate or present.

Flexible: With a remote receive or transmit truck, a transmit or receive site can be located anywhere.

Security: Signals can be encrypted (scrambled) when it is necessary. Encryption prevents outside viewers.

Unity: Provides a shared sense of identity. People feel more a part of the group…more often. Individuals or groups at multiple locations can be linked frequently.

Timely: For time-critical information, sites can be linked quickly. An audio or point-to-point teleconference can be convened in three minutes.

Interactive: Dynamic; requires the user’s active participation. It enhances personal communication. When used well for learning, the interactivity will enhance the learning and the teaching experience.

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Why Use a Teleconference?

Video conferencing increases efficiency and results in a more profitable use of limited resources. It is a very personal medium for human issues where face-to-face communications are necessary. When you can see and hear the person you are talking to on a television monitor, they respond as though you were in the same room together. It is an effective alternative to travel which can easily add up to weeks of non-productive time each year. With video conferencing, you never have to leave the office. Documents are available, and experts can be on hand. A crisis that might take on major proportions if you are out of town, can be handled because you’re on the job. Videoc onferencing maximizes efficiency because it provides a way to meet with several groups in different locations, at the same time.

As the limited resource of funding has decreased, limited resources now include instructors, parking spaces and buildings. Students now include time as a limited resources. Teleconferencing enables institutions to share facilities and instructors which will increase our ability to serve students.

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JT-HD60C Makes Your Video Conference System More Advanced, Well-Equipped

JT-HD60C is the most popular video conferencing camera in JJTS company. This camera is using Sony original model, 1/2.8’’ progressive CMOS sensor. As we all know, Sony sensor has a great effect in color revivification. With this effect, we can see the events in video more real-life.

sony sensor CMOS sensor video conferencing camera


PTZ(pan-tilt-zoom) technology provides a wide view angle for attendees. Therefore, some attendees sit on the corners can be also seen. Another point of thought, it help enterprises cut down the expenditure. Take one for example. If you want the view angle up to 120 degrees, you need to use 2 sets of video conference camera before but once using the JT-HD60C camera, one set is enough.


wide view angle camera ptz camera


Here I would like to ask everybody a question that if you chat with someone on video, what are your guys afraid most? Well, I guess some girls will say her face without any make up. Also a lot of people will said a poor internet can not be bear. Indeed. So girls can dress up herself, and choose a good broadband or strong WIFI then go to video. But when the above question solved, what would you care next? I guess it’s the quality of the video. An unsharp video will prevent us to talk to others. We can not see clear what they show to us, and can not have a good eye contact. We can not have an effective communication in a certain. JT-HD60C has a high pixels up to 4.0 megapixels. And the resolution can support 1080p60/50, 1080i 60/50. Our top sale camera creatives a clear, stable and timely video envioronment for you. Just talk what you want to talk, he or she can understand you well.


high resolution, communication camera, skype video conference camera


Besides above feature, this camera support RS232/422/485 control as always. It can also work with Sony Visca and Peloco P/D protocol. One thing is worth mentioning that JT-HD60C conferencing camera has a DVI output and we will supply a free DVI adapter to connect. It can be devided into HDMI and HD-Component. It still have HD/SDI/CVBS/3G ouput. Black and white color for your choice. Catch up with technology, Set up a video conference system and select the best suitable camera to have an effective video.