HDCA02H Video Capture Card

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HDCA02H is A HD video capture card, fit for video conference camera.The function of video capture card is to change the signal , and then pass the image to the display screen. Generally, The video conference camera can take the image, but the format is analog signals, we have to make the image to be digital siganl. So the video capture card act this role.HDCA02 with Component+CVBS+HDMI+DVI+SDI(single one input), 1080p/60HZ, can reach to 200MB/S.

Key Feature

  • Can capture 1CH HD or 1CH SD video signal,1CH analog audio signal.
  • HD input video signal can reach 1080p/60Hz.
  • HD signal can capture HDMI、DVI、Component+CVBS+SDI signal.
  • Can capture LPCM audio signal of HDMI.
  • Microsoft AVStream standard drive can support multimedia video software or streaming Software on most of Windows.
  • Ultra-Small dimension:99.77mm x 68.88mm, Compliance with Low-Profile specification.

Main Application

HD video capture card is a signal  transformation tool. It transforms the analog signal which is the image original signal of video conference camera capturing into digital signal in a PC. So we can see the image or video on display screen. It use with video conference camera, widely used in Video Conference System, remote learning, Telemedicine, Church, Scene of the incident, courts, media centers, chain stores, transportation, airports and other monitoring sites.

Technical Parameters

Dimension 99.77mm x 68.88mm
Host Interface PCI-Express x1, Low Profile, 200MB/s transmission bandwidth
Input Interface 1 pc HDMI Interface (can switch DVI)

1 pc DB9 Interface (Thought transfer cable can connect YPbPr ,S-video,CVBS,1CH unbalanced stereo audio line input)

Max. sampling rate CVBS:54MHz (4x Oversampling)


Onboard Memory 128MB DDR2,working frequency is: 160 MHz,bit wide 32bit
Component input format 480i、576i、480p,576p,720p,1080i,1080p
HDMI input format In accordance with HDMI 1.3 standard,support 36bit Deep Color
CVBS input standard PAL/NTSC
HD output image format Size:40×30-2048×1536,Frame rate: 1-100 fps,Color:YUY2, UYVY, RGB24, RGB32, I420
SD output image format Size:176×144-768×576,Frame rate: 1-30 fps,Color:YUY2, UYVY, RGB24, RGB32, I420
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