Advantages of Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is changing the way we communicate. Phone calls have moved to instant messages and emails, and now to video feeds with apps like Snapchat and Periscope. Need to brag to your friends about your weekend trip? Show them a video of the beautiful sunset or the waves crashing, talk about impactful.

That being said, it makes sense that video is also changing the way we work.Video conferencing is a way to have face-to-face meetings without really having to be face-to-face, which is important in a workplace that is increasingly mobile and remote.

Here are a couple tips and advantages to get the most out of video conferencing.
1. Create a killer team: Sometimes the best person for the job isn’t living next door, or even in the same country. Being able to connect through video, phone, chat or email lets you maximize your team, without geography being an issue. Whether your co-workers are in Timbuktu, or just too lazy to leave their desk, your team can work together, anytime and anywhere.

2. Stop people from zoning out: If you’re hosting a video meeting, everyone has to be engaged. We’ve seen it before, if you can’t see someone in a remote meeting they could be shopping, eating or even in the bathroom! Oh, the power of the mute button… However, if you have everyone’s face on the screen, you can rest assured that they are (hopefully) listening to you. This alone is a large advantage when hosting a video conference as you have everyone’s direct attention.

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