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What do the parameters of video conference cameras mean?

Nowadays, video conference has become popular in our daily business meeting, it allows people worldwide to have a meeting without long travel and high expense. Definitely, a good video conference cameras can make you a good video conference system, bring you great meeting experience. But how to choose a good video conference camera? Here we […]

JJTS video conference camera – JT-HD60I

HD 1080P 12X zoom video conferencing camera JT-HD60I is Professional developed communication type Color Camera mainly for the video conferencing industry  with built-in High-Speed full PTZ, allows users to clearly observe small or distant targets. The Video conference camera adopts integrated design, beautiful appearance, unique style, reasonable structure, smooth and reliable operation, no noise, Accurate positioning, high reliability, long-term stable operation. Easy to […]

Do You Know These Characteristics of Teleconference ?

Move Information – Not People Electronic delivery is more efficient than physically moving people to a site, whether it is a faculty member or administrator. Save Time: Content presented by one or many sources is received in many places simultaneously and instantly. Travel is reduced resulting in more productive time. Communication is improved and meetings […]

Why Use a Teleconference?

Video conferencing increases efficiency and results in a more profitable use of limited resources. It is a very personal medium for human issues where face-to-face communications are necessary. When you can see and hear the person you are talking to on a television monitor, they respond as though you were in the same room together. It […]

JT-HD60C Makes Your Video Conference System More Advanced, Well-Equipped

JT-HD60C is the most popular video conferencing camera in JJTS company. This camera is using Sony original model, 1/2.8’’ progressive CMOS sensor. As we all know, Sony sensor has a great effect in color revivification. With this effect, we can see the events in video more real-life.   PTZ(pan-tilt-zoom) technology provides a wide view angle for attendees. […]

Find A Best Angle For Your Video Conferencing Camera

Jumping onto a video call is very easy but it ‘s uneasy when you’re on a call with someone who’s giving you a full-on zoom up their nose. Camera angles often get overlooked because we don’t take the time to give these settings a quick check. But taking a minute to do this can certainly save a lot […]

Growth Of Video Conference Interviewing With A Video Conference Camera

It’s faster, cheaper and more convenient than a face-to-face interview—no wonder companies are increasingly turning to video conferencing to screen job candidates. Covance, a drug development services companies based in Princeton, N.J., began experimenting with video conferencing about two years ago as it searched for job candidates at locations in more than 60 countries. With improvements in the […]