JT-KD31 new live video switcher

MeetingBar JT-A50

Your Favorite long distance connection for video conference camera and Controller

You may be frustrated with the long distance connection between camera and controller , Normally you will need a long RS485/422 cable. But now the IP ptz controller help us solve this problem ,save cost and easier for long distance connection and controlling.

Now shipping! Introducing our JJTS completely redesigned second-generation IP joystick. This joystick now includes popular feature requests including 4 dedicated keys for quick camera switching between your main Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras, fully functional iris, zoom and focus buttons plus intuitive auto network searching buttons to quickly find your Kato vision camera on your network.



1.Variable speed control of pan, tilt & zoom

2.Speed step control adjustments

3.Pan, tilt, rotation, zoom, iris, focus and camera settings

4.Preset tour, pattern, absolute position, zoom operation, AUX operation

5.Real time display of the current status

6.Short circuit & overcurrent protection

7.Auto-Search Network

Notice of Holidays

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Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day are the important festivals in China.
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Sept.23-24 (Mid-Autumn Festival)
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During this holiday, if any technical or business demands, please feel free to contact our team: https://jtlinks.com/contact-us/

Mid-Autumn Festival is a special day for family reunion, JJTS wish you enjoy the festival!
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JJTS Product Launch 4K Video Conference Camera

Would you like to see how our latest collaboration solutions can help improve teamwork? Join us to experience JJTS innovations first-hand Newest 4K ptz camera for tele-video conferencing meeting.

Premium 4K optics and intelligent PTZ features capture every seat in the meeting room. JJTS camera control automatically moves the lens and adjusts the zoom to comfortably frame meeting participants in rooms of all shapes and sizes. With its sleek design, premium materials, and unequalled capability, the KATO camera portfolio raises the bar for HDMI-connected conference camera systems.

Look and sound your best on every video call with JJTS 4K PTZ video conference camera. KT-HD60RK, sets a new standard for HDMI-connected conference camera systems, uniting premium design and materials with unmatched audio and video performance.

high resolution, communication camera, skype video conference camera

Why Use a Teleconference?

Video conferencing increases efficiency and results in a more profitable use of limited resources. It is a very personal medium for human issues where face-to-face communications are necessary. When you can see and hear the person you are talking to on a television monitor, they respond as though you were in the same room together. It is an effective alternative to travel which can easily add up to weeks of non-productive time each year. With video conferencing, you never have to leave the office. Documents are available, and experts can be on hand. A crisis that might take on major proportions if you are out of town, can be handled because you’re on the job. Videoc onferencing maximizes efficiency because it provides a way to meet with several groups in different locations, at the same time.

As the limited resource of funding has decreased, limited resources now include instructors, parking spaces and buildings. Students now include time as a limited resources. Teleconferencing enables institutions to share facilities and instructors which will increase our ability to serve students.

sky camera for video conference system

JT-HD60C Makes Your Video Conference System More Advanced, Well-Equipped

JT-HD60C is the most popular video conferencing camera in JJTS company. This camera is using Sony original model, 1/2.8’’ progressive CMOS sensor. As we all know, Sony sensor has a great effect in color revivification. With this effect, we can see the events in video more real-life.

sony sensor CMOS sensor video conferencing camera


PTZ(pan-tilt-zoom) technology provides a wide view angle for attendees. Therefore, some attendees sit on the corners can be also seen. Another point of thought, it help enterprises cut down the expenditure. Take one for example. If you want the view angle up to 120 degrees, you need to use 2 sets of video conference camera before but once using the JT-HD60C camera, one set is enough.


wide view angle camera ptz camera


Here I would like to ask everybody a question that if you chat with someone on video, what are your guys afraid most? Well, I guess some girls will say her face without any make up. Also a lot of people will said a poor internet can not be bear. Indeed. So girls can dress up herself, and choose a good broadband or strong WIFI then go to video. But when the above question solved, what would you care next? I guess it’s the quality of the video. An unsharp video will prevent us to talk to others. We can not see clear what they show to us, and can not have a good eye contact. We can not have an effective communication in a certain. JT-HD60C has a high pixels up to 4.0 megapixels. And the resolution can support 1080p60/50, 1080i 60/50. Our top sale camera creatives a clear, stable and timely video envioronment for you. Just talk what you want to talk, he or she can understand you well.


high resolution, communication camera, skype video conference camera


Besides above feature, this camera support RS232/422/485 control as always. It can also work with Sony Visca and Peloco P/D protocol. One thing is worth mentioning that JT-HD60C conferencing camera has a DVI output and we will supply a free DVI adapter to connect. It can be devided into HDMI and HD-Component. It still have HD/SDI/CVBS/3G ouput. Black and white color for your choice. Catch up with technology, Set up a video conference system and select the best suitable camera to have an effective video.



Video Conferencing For Better Patient Care

Collaborative video and voice products, like those offered by Polycom, remove barriers to patient care by breaking the boundaries of distance. Patients who can’t travel frequently or don’t have time can interact with providers as if they were in the same room. Providers can fit in more frequent communication.
Modern collaborative tools are sophisticated – much more so than just simple online video chatting. They can be immersed in conference rooms, or providers and patients can use desktops, smartphones or tablets to connect. Tools such as document sharing allow records and information to be viewed simultaneously by multiple people.

Advantages of Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is changing the way we communicate. Phone calls have moved to instant messages and emails, and now to video feeds with apps like Snapchat and Periscope. Need to brag to your friends about your weekend trip? Show them a video of the beautiful sunset or the waves crashing, talk about impactful.

That being said, it makes sense that video is also changing the way we work.Video conferencing is a way to have face-to-face meetings without really having to be face-to-face, which is important in a workplace that is increasingly mobile and remote.

Here are a couple tips and advantages to get the most out of video conferencing.
1. Create a killer team: Sometimes the best person for the job isn’t living next door, or even in the same country. Being able to connect through video, phone, chat or email lets you maximize your team, without geography being an issue. Whether your co-workers are in Timbuktu, or just too lazy to leave their desk, your team can work together, anytime and anywhere.

2. Stop people from zoning out: If you’re hosting a video meeting, everyone has to be engaged. We’ve seen it before, if you can’t see someone in a remote meeting they could be shopping, eating or even in the bathroom! Oh, the power of the mute button… However, if you have everyone’s face on the screen, you can rest assured that they are (hopefully) listening to you. This alone is a large advantage when hosting a video conference as you have everyone’s direct attention.