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Have you ever wanted to use monitor cameras as video conference cameras?

There is always a question from our customers–Can we use the monitor system to replace the video conference system? They just think the monitor system is much more normal in our daily life, but don`t know they are actually two things.

So, Can we use the monitor cameras to replace the video conference cameras in video meeting? The answer is NO.

Before we go to the similarities and difference between monitor system and video conferencing system, we need to know some conceptions.

1, What is video conference system?

Video conference system is a system using two-way interactive communication delivered by Internet technologies that allow people at different location to come together for a meeting

2, What is video monitor system?

Video monitor system consists of monitor cameras, data transmission, control, display, and record part. It allows the administration to accurately observe, check and study the monitored area, offering the real-time images for the secuirity system.

After knowing the basic definition, let`s see the similarities between the two systems:

  • Similar system structure:

Both of the two systems consist of audio and video acquisition equipment and class server equipment. For video conferencing, they are conference terminals and MCU (multipoint control unit) device; for video surveillance, is the camera and hard disk recorders (or PC server).

  • Same standards for video transmission and audio transmission:

Video conferencing systems and video surveillance systems are basically compressed video compression standard using MPEG4 or H264, and audio transmission is basically used g.279 or some of the higher compression audio compression coding

  • Same transmission medium

Video conferencing systems and monitoring systems are transmitted through the network, so the transmission medium is the same

What is the difference?

  • The equipment is different

For video conferencing, there must be video and voice acquisition systems, and integrated network components, audio, and video can be transmitted directly through the network, do not need to be stored; But video surveillance contains more equipment, audio capture is not necessary, but the storage part is a must.

  • Different usage

Both systems are created to meet different demands, which determines they are different. Video conference is to meet the demands of enterprises or companies to have a meeting with people in different places; video surveillance is to monitor the real-time status of security.

  • Different functions:

For video conferencing system, besides video real-time display, there are also interactive, training, voting and data transfer functions, such as transmitting a conference PPT to other meeting people; video surveillance need to achieve real-time video transmission, video storage, alarm processing, motion detection, and video playback at the same time.

  • Using in different place

Video conferencing equipment deploys the conference room with better conditions; but the deploying places for monitoring system equipment, especially the camera, are much more than video conference cameras, and the monitor cameras can still work at the outdoor harsh environment.

  • Different cost

The cost of Video conferencing system is much higher than monitor system.

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