• Customer service. Hard working. Honest and Trustworthy.

Our Value

Customer service. It is the only reason why we exist; Customer demand is the driving force pushing Jiujiutianshi’s development. We insist on ” As consumer for center ” , offering our customers top-quality products and excellent service.

Hard working. We don’t have any scarce resources to rely. So only working hard, can we win your respect and your reliance. We test the machine again and again, and design it times and times just for your satisfaction.

Self-criticism. The purpose of self criticism is to keep improving but not self-denying. Only consist self-criticism, can we listen more, sublate alienation and Sustain beyond the past. Implement the common development of customers, company, team and individual.

Opening and enterprising spirit. To service customers, we insist customers requirements for center, open our arms to learn advanced technology, products, solutions and business management. Continue to innovate, and create the best for you.

Honest and Trustworthy. Integrity is the most important intangible assets. We commit to keep our promise and suit the action to the word.

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