Distance Teaching


Using the network communication technology and multimedia technology to realize the teaching in across space. It provides a virtual classroom for teachers and students, connecting the content of teachers’ screen like video and audio to the students’ computer in real-time.  It also brings  advanced teaching techniques to some backward areas, reducing the distance between urban and rural areas. Students can also through electronic equipment to ask and answer questions, do some simple Multiple Choice. In addition, It’s convenient for teacher to manage and control the students’ reaction who are in virtual dynamic classes.  What’s more, the distance Monitor Function, not only convenient and interactive, but also greatly enhance the communication between teachers and students, and also expand the way of modern teaching.

Distance Teaching
Distance Teaching


1. Creating a relaxed and funny environment for students learning.
2. Breaking the limit of time and space, to provide a timely and convenient surrounding for students.
3. It’s more  scientific for teaching, communicating, controlling, and discussing.
4. Convenient to save the teaching video, saving money and functional.

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