Live Streaming


Live stream system has been use to many area. Like live meetings, live stage, live training, ect. Before Live streaming video playing, a partial content has been download but not the entire. At the same time, users can reply on the video software on your computer or other hardware device like video switch dealing with the video and audio, So the user in other side can see the video in real time. This system help to save the download waiting time and storage space.

Here is a case of our customers using on the stage live streaming system.

It has been using to stage, recording the stage activity to the big screen to make the audiences see the performance more clearly.

Live Streaming
Live Streaming

Live Video System

Live video system is to make the camera signal, picture and video into a standard stream data. After managing, classifying, and transmitting to the server, and through the sever, sending to the screen in real time.

Generally speaking,  There will be more than two color in the stage, and the  lighting is more complex, so we recommend you to use the  SONY CCD sensor camera(Like JT-HD20C,JT-HD60C,JT-HD60I,ect) because the Sony sensor camera deal with the light and color very well and runnning smoothly. In addition, if the camera is too far from the stage, we recommend you to purchase a HDMI signal amplifier in order to ensure the quality of picture.

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