Recording Broadcasting


Recording broadcasting system can record video, audio, image signals of electronic equipment (including computers, video booths, etc) at the same time, and will generate a standard media file. These file can be using on broadcasting, storage, editing and on-demand. Viewers can through IE browser recording system server watch the live audio and graphic information, and  can also choose on-demand video.

Recording broadcasting system has been widely using on teaching and training. Recording and broadcasting system raise the level of teaching and research. A school which has been set one to three recorded classroom is not enough to meet the needs of many teachers to accumulate. The application of recording broadcasting system optimization the use of software and hardware resources and utilization of human resources. This system help the education save cost as a whole but quickly raise the level of teaching.

Recording Broadcasting
Recording broadcasting system

Recording Broadcasting System Configuration List

Recording broadcasting server, HD MCU, audio mixer, HD video conference camera, IP camera, HD video capture card, High-sensitivity microphone, Mobile intelligent terminal. You can also select a keyboard controller.

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