Video conference camera is specialized in remote video conferencing communication, can achieve local and remote control, with PTZ to reach multi-angle rotation transformation function. General camera only have fixed-focus image capture function, can not be applied to all the needs of video conferencing.

Our cameras are professional video conference camera,unlike the network-based camera, our cameras are simulative camera. So it can be connected to all kinds of display devices.

We have 232 cable, 422 cable and 485 cable. Effective transmission distance of rs232 cable is about 15 meters. You can also choose the RS422/485, it can allow tens of meters even tens of hundreds.

Our camera is only responsible for collecting images, not to recording or broadcasting , but it can achieve those function by adding other devices such as digital video record (DVR). Or you can saving in other storage. If it is implemented in software conferencing system, can be realized by software which comes with recording function.

Here are four outputs. HDMI,HD-SDI,YPBPR and AV interface. Some of our camera has a DVI interface. It can be devided into HDMI and YPBPR interface. And our USB series video conference camera use the USB2.0 or USB3.0 to instead HDMI output.

Generally speaking, one video capture device(camera), audio capture device(microphone), remote control communications hardware or software, and audio & video display signal output device(TV, projector, minitor, speakers,etc). To ensure the equipment connection, we will be thanksful to tell us the detailed equipment you have, can provide us picture of it is better.

Yes, We are welcome to do the OEM. Generally, we will ship the products by air in 3-5 days after receiving the payment. We cooperate with DHL/Fedex/UPS/EMS. And we accept paypal/western union/ TT.

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