PTZ Technology

PTZ is the shorthand of Pan/Tilt/Zoom in the video conferecing system, representing all direction (righ and left, up and down), also including far and near change and the zoom control.

PTZ control technology is a flexible control mode. Basing on network camera control and operation, HD PTZ camera can response control command rapidly. What’s more , It can achieve the rotation of the camera and zoom control. By using PTZ technology, the user can manually click the mouse to lock the target, or preset the targets position. After our technicists searching and developing, we have a autotracking PTZ camera system. It can auto focus the target and control the lens, zoom, too which will ensure the tracking target last appeared in the middle of the lens. PTZ tracking system make up the fixed camera’s disadvantage that vision is narrow.

UVC Techonology

UVC is the short of USB video class. It is a USB protocol standard definition video capture device launched by Microsoft and other equipment manufacturers. It fit to the Windows xp and later, Linux 2.4.6 and later, MacOS 10.5 and later. Just connect to our USB camera to your equipment, it can running steady.  What’s more, each hardware in the various process will run more smoothly, but also saving the time and money to install the video driver.

RS232/422/485 Control

JT video conference camera all support to use RS232 or RS422/485 to connect the camera to keyboard controller. When using RS – 232 connect, drives allow 2500 pf capacitance to operate,  but communication distance will be limited by this controlling. Generally speaking, 20 meters communication distance can use RS232 connect. IF the distance is far, we suggest you use the RS485 to connect. It can support dozens of meters to thousands meters connected. In addition,RS – 485 using balanced sending and difference to receive, so it has the ability of restrain common mode interference. It also has a high sensitivity, when the voltage under 200 mv, thethe transmission signals can be recovered in a distance of one kilometer.

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