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JT-HD60C Makes Your Video Conference System More Advanced, Well-Equipped

JT-HD60C is the most popular video conferencing camera in JJTS company. This camera is using Sony original model, 1/2.8’’ progressive CMOS sensor. As we all know, Sony sensor has a great effect in color revivification. With this effect, we can see the events in video more real-life.

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PTZ(pan-tilt-zoom) technology provides a wide view angle for attendees. Therefore, some attendees sit on the corners can be also seen. Another point of thought, it help enterprises cut down the expenditure. Take one for example. If you want the view angle up to 120 degrees, you need to use 2 sets of video conference camera before but once using the JT-HD60C camera, one set is enough.


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Here I would like to ask everybody a question that if you chat with someone on video, what are your guys afraid most? Well, I guess some girls will say her face without any make up. Also a lot of people will said a poor internet can not be bear. Indeed. So girls can dress up herself, and choose a good broadband or strong WIFI then go to video. But when the above question solved, what would you care next? I guess it’s the quality of the video. An unsharp video will prevent us to talk to others. We can not see clear what they show to us, and can not have a good eye contact. We can not have an effective communication in a certain. JT-HD60C has a high pixels up to 4.0 megapixels. And the resolution can support 1080p60/50, 1080i 60/50. Our top sale camera creatives a clear, stable and timely video envioronment for you. Just talk what you want to talk, he or she can understand you well.


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Besides above feature, this camera support RS232/422/485 control as always. It can also work with Sony Visca and Peloco P/D protocol. One thing is worth mentioning that JT-HD60C conferencing camera has a DVI output and we will supply a free DVI adapter to connect. It can be devided into HDMI and HD-Component. It still have HD/SDI/CVBS/3G ouput. Black and white color for your choice. Catch up with technology, Set up a video conference system and select the best suitable camera to have an effective video.


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Find A Best Angle For Your Video Conferencing Camera

Jumping onto a video call is very easy but it ‘s uneasy when you’re on a call with someone who’s giving you a full-on zoom up their nose. Camera angles often get overlooked because we don’t take the time to give these settings a quick check. But taking a minute to do this can certainly save a lot of embarrassment and improve the overall experience of the call. Each device has its own set of rules but ultimately it’s about seeing eye to eye – both literally and in agenda.

The rule of thumb for all devices is to always try to have the camera positioned at eye level is possible. If you’re turned even slightly away from the camera, this can wrongly give the impression that you’re not fully engaged in the conversation.  Make an effort to reduce ‘gaze angle,’ meaning, you should try to place the camera near your display or where your eyes will mostly tend towards. We all have the habit of looking at ourselves in the camera view so try to look directly into the camera from time to time.

From a room system If there is a PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) unit in a video conferencing room system, you will want to make sure that your self-view or PIP (Picture in Picture) is on so you can see how you look to others on the far end. Try to frame yourself with some room above your head to the top of the video frame, and with enough room at the bottom of your frame so that your mouth is fully visible. In other words, avoid being zoomed in too far.

From a laptop The beauty of having a call via laptop is that you can sit comfortably sit anywhere while you’re on a call. The downside is that participants on the other end will likely be looking up your nose or get a roller coaster ride as you shift in your seat. The best thing to do is to place the laptop on a flat surface that is at eye-level. You can always go back to the comfy position after the call.

From a mobile device Cameras on mobile devices vary in quality but the best thing to do is to hold it as steady as possible so the picture doesn’t show up shaky on the other end. It will be a bit more difficult with a hand held device but try to hold it out as far as possible so others can get a full view. If you’re on a tablet like an iPad, try propping it up with the cover so that you get the best angle.

Though these may seem like small details, taking the time to adjust your camera angle can be the difference between an just an ok discussion and a great one!

Written by Virginette Acacio

Have You Ever Knowed These Factors In A Conference?

Conference is a necessary part for a company or a team. A company is like a machine, and meetings just like the connection between various parts of the bearings. Only by connections, the machine can works smoothly. Same for  meeting. The communication and discussion is the important factors to  ensure a company running normally. For example, through exchanging, new information come out after a discussion. Through a brainstorming, we can Learn from each other and form a correct opinion. We can made a decision or a resolution by voting on a conference. By listening to others’ reports or statements , Participants can be inspired. And so on.

A research by a communication study shows that when we are communicating, 7% effects comes from the talk, 38% depends on the voice (volume, tone, rhythm, etc), while 55% depends on body language (facial expression, body posture, etc). So, when you read people, not just focus on what he said, but what matters is how he says.


Thus,we can know, when holding a distance meeting, a quality video and clear sound is the key. We need a HD camera to act as our eyes and microphone as our ear. JJTS knows these two factors very well and strictly, constantly to create a more effective video conference products by trying our best and innovating. The latest generation – – JT-HD70X Conferencing camera,is a good choice for you. Under a innovative and fashion appearance, It use Sony sensor, bring you a high resolution and color saturation image. At the same time, we’ve improved the speed of capture and output. Wide angle ensure all your guys in the video. Participants can see each other more timely and clearly and making conference more real and effective.

In conference audio system, JJTS launched a new microphone(JT-S1U). This microphone has two types. One for USB connection and another is Bluetooth connection. Its fashion design help to make your Conference surrounding more professional. And the small size just take a little place on the conference desk. High-fidelity, clear sound input/output without any delay to ensure every attendees can hear each word clearly.
Don’t waste time and money on an inefficient conference. Choose the best equipment for video conference system.

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