Have You Ever Knowed These Factors In A Conference?

Conference is a necessary part for a company or a team. A company is like a machine, and meetings just like the connection between various parts of the bearings. Only by connections, the machine can works smoothly. Same for  meeting. The communication and discussion is the important factors to  ensure a company running normally. For example, through exchanging, new information come out after a discussion. Through a brainstorming, we can Learn from each other and form a correct opinion. We can made a decision or a resolution by voting on a conference. By listening to others’ reports or statements , Participants can be inspired. And so on.

A research by a communication study shows that when we are communicating, 7% effects comes from the talk, 38% depends on the voice (volume, tone, rhythm, etc), while 55% depends on body language (facial expression, body posture, etc). So, when you read people, not just focus on what he said, but what matters is how he says.


Thus,we can know, when holding a distance meeting, a quality video and clear sound is the key. We need a HD camera to act as our eyes and microphone as our ear. JJTS knows these two factors very well and strictly, constantly to create a more effective video conference products by trying our best and innovating. The latest generation – – JT-HD70X Conferencing camera,is a good choice for you. Under a innovative and fashion appearance, It use Sony sensor, bring you a high resolution and color saturation image. At the same time, we’ve improved the speed of capture and output. Wide angle ensure all your guys in the video. Participants can see each other more timely and clearly and making conference more real and effective.

In conference audio system, JJTS launched a new microphone(JT-S1U). This microphone has two types. One for USB connection and another is Bluetooth connection. Its fashion design help to make your Conference surrounding more professional. And the small size just take a little place on the conference desk. High-fidelity, clear sound input/output without any delay to ensure every attendees can hear each word clearly.
Don’t waste time and money on an inefficient conference. Choose the best equipment for video conference system.

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