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Top 10 questions in 2017 from our customers about our video conference cameras

Time flies, the year 2017 is passing, let`s check the top 10 questions from all our customers:


NO.10: Does your camera have the menu?

Yes, all our cameras have the menu and support English menu.

NO. 9: What is your pan tilt degree of your cameras and SONY video conference cameras?

Most of our cameras are with Pan 355-degree, tilt 120-degree or 60 degrees, some of SD models are with 360 degrees. The Sony video conference cameras are with 310-degree

NO. 8: what are options for the optical zoom of your cameras?

Our video conference cameras have 3X, 5X, 10X, 12X, 18X, 20X, 30X optical zoom to meet your various demands with different models

NO. 7: Are your cameras with ceiling bracket?

All cameras support the flip feature, have ceiling bracket in accessory (except for the fixed-focus)

NO. 6: What’s the difference between your camera and original SONY D70?

  • On appearance, it is similar, the original is a little smaller than our own model;
  • the function is exactly same;
  • Original D70 is packed 48 core modules, our products use the original SONY 48 movement;
  • output type and method of operation are the same. 5, we add PELCO P/D agreement

NO. 5: How many control method of your camera?

There are four kinds of control methods, IR infrared remote controller, RS232, RS422, RS485

NO. 4: How many preset positions can the cameras set?Our camera can set 9 preset points by remote control and can set 200 preset positions with control keyboard.

NO. 3: How many control agreement does your camera support?

Our video conference cameras can support VISCA and PELCO P/D protocol.

NO. 2: Can your cameras compatible with other video software?

Yes, our cameras can be compatible with almost all the video conference software and related hardware device, such as Polycom, Seegoo, Lifesize, Zoom, WebEx, Cisco and so on.

NO. 1: What kind of output interface do your cameras have?

Our cameras can support almost all the output interface, VIDEO, HDMI, SDI, DVI, USB, RJ45, these output interface all can be options for you.


Have you ever asked these questions? If you have any questions on video conference cameras, just feel free to contact.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you.

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